About TELL Massachusetts

To help ensure that all students can learn teachers need to work in schools designed for their success. Positive teaching conditions, where educators are supported and empowered, are essential to creating schools that give teachers the best opportunity to be effective. 

To assess whether these conditions are present across Massachusetts, the Board and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in partnership with a coalition of education groups — the MA Administrators for Special Education, MA American Federation of Teachers, MA Association for Bilingual Education, MA Association for School Committees, MA Association of School Superintendents, MA Association of Vocational Administrators, MA School Personnel Association, MA Teachers Association, National Institute for School Leadership Policy, the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy, Teach Plus — worked with the New Teacher Center to conduct a survey in March and April 2012 of all school-based licensed educators in the Commonwealth. By hearing directly from educators who intimately understand teaching conditions, the state will have the opportunity to make data-driven decisions to establish policies and practices that make all schools great places to teach. 

Educators across the state shared their perceptions of the teaching conditions in their schools. Over 42,400 educators (52 percent) from across the state participated in the TELL Massachusetts survey. Previous results are available on the 2012 TELL Massachusetts website for almost 1,100 schools and over 200 school districts, providing critical information for making school and district level decisions to improve Massachusetts schools.